Frequently Asked Questions

Will GlobyTown mean that we don't need to employ a language teacher in our school? 
GlobyTown is intended to be a resource used to assist with classroom instruction of the language. Open-ended speaking and writing activities in GlobyTown require evaluation by a proficient language instructor. In fact, all schools that register to use GlobyTown must appoint an instructor to support learners as they use the site. The good news is that since GlobyTown connects learners online, one instructor can work with learners across many schools, without the need to physically travel to where their students are. This means that clusters and networks of schools can pool resources and share an instructor between them.  

What if we don't have access to a language instructor?
The GlobyTown team can provide language instructors who are fluent in the target language and who hold a current Working with Children Check. You can add this option to your plan when you sign up. Contact us for more information.  

What is the role of the language instructor?
The language instructor is required to monitor the progress of learners on the site and provide personalised feedback to students on their open-ended writing and speaking tasks. Instructors can login and see at a glance which activities each learner has completed. Instructors will also receive an email notification whenever there is an open-ended writing or speaking activity to assess and provide feedback on. 

How will the privacy of learners' information be protected?
Whilst interacting with others on the site, your child will be identified with their first name and last initial only, e.g. 'Brady T'. Your child may choose to include additional information in their profile, such as their town and interests. Both their profile and their contributions will only be visible to their instructor and other students and teachers in their own school group. No one outside of your child's school will be able to see their profile or contributions, other than their instructor and the GlobyTown team. 




Last modified: Wednesday, 12 March 2014, 12:38 PM